Uefa reminded the people of Zagreb: Dinamo without fans in Skopje!

Dinamo will not have the loyal support of Bad Blue Boys next week in Skopje. No, it is not due to any epidemiological measures, nor bans from the Dinamo administration, but the “Blues” were punished for the disorder of their fans in the last European match against Sevilla. And Uefa today, with an official document, reminded Dinamo of the penalty from February.

Let’s remember that the Boys fought with the police at one point of the game in Sevilla, started tearing up seats and throwing them, and no one, not even UEFA, forgives that. The Uefa disciplinary commission then decided to punish Dinamo three times. The Croatian champion is not allowed to sell tickets to its fans for the next European away game, which means the current match against ┼ákupi.

However, Dinamo had to pay UEFA 30,000 euros, and within 30 days to contact Sevilla, and compensate them for the damage caused by their fans in the stands. And the Dinamo leaders did that a long time ago. UEFA’s penalty will come into force at the match ┼ákupi – Dinamo on Tuesday, July 26 in Skopje. In accordance with this decision, GNK Dinamo will not sell tickets to Dinamo fans for the away sector of the National Arena Todor Proeski stadium in Skopje.

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