Joe Kovacs crammed into Grant Holloway’s too-small jacket

Shot putter Joe Kovacs had to get stuck in the jacket of shortstop Grant Holloway for the award ceremony.

Athletics The shot putter who won silver at the World Championships Joe Kovacs had to get into a kinky situation when picking up his medal at the award ceremony.

Kovacs arrived from the locker room to the side of the field in just a t-shirt, although athletes must wear their team’s tracksuit on the podium.

The orderly staff stopped him and ordered him to quickly find a US jacket to put on top of it. Fortunately, help was found nearby when the emergency siren sounded Grant Holloway happened to be standing next to.

Holloway willingly lent his coat, but there was one more problem with the situation. The size of Solaka Holloway’s coat was not exactly what the 130-kilogram Kovacs is used to.

It took three men to put on the little coat. Holloway and the other medalists of the ball Ryan Crouser and Josh Owotunde they threw it at Kovacs with amusement. The audience also laughed at the situation.

“I knew myself To Tommy Boy singing about a fat guy in a little jacket,” Kovacs joked on Instagram, referring to the Tommy Boy movie.

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