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The shipwrecked Finnish captain will arrive in Finland at the start of the following week. I unintentionally found a place to stay in Jakarta with a familiar Finnish family. The solo sailing will continue with eight more boats.

of India lost at sea in a ship The night before Wednesday, Tapio Lehtinen arrived ashore from his disastrous solo sailing journey through Indonesia.

On November 19, Lehtinen was rescued aboard the cargo ship Darya Gayatri. Together with his South African racing companion Kirsten Neuschäferin, Lehtinen stepped from the boat and onto the cargo ship.

Lehtinen, who had activated the emergency signal from his life raft, was the first person that Neuschäfer reached. In five minutes, Lehtinen’s Asteria boat was completely submerged. There’s a chance we’ll never know the sinking’s precise cause.

Even Lehtinen has merely considered various ideas for sinking up until this point.

Despite the fact that the cargo ship was headed for Rizhao, China, Lehtinen got off the ship in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Finnish embassy in Jakarta issues Lehtinen a new passport. He has received a credit card and a cell phone from Finland.

Leafy waits for his team in Finland to make travel arrangements for him to return home while spending a few days in Jakarta with a Finnish family. Beginning next week, Lehtinen will return to Finland.

The fact that a Finnish family in Jakarta is familiar with Lehtinen was a lucky coincidence.

Kaisla Jacoby, a family member, is a crew member on Lehtinen’s Galiana yacht, which will compete in the Ocean Globe Race (OGR) beginning in the fall of 2023. Mother of Kaisla Jacoby resides and works in Jakarta.

Lehtinen competes in the OGR competition with his crew of twelve individuals, sailing around the world in four stages. The OGR is a throwback to the 1973 first Whitbread race.

taking place The Golden Globe Race will only be continued by eight lone sailors (GGR).

Arnaud Gaist, a Frenchman, is the most recent interruption. He didn’t arrive in Cape Town by the allotted time.

Gaist’s boat has a lot of barnacles, which are line-tailed crabs, at the bottom that make it challenging to navigate. The mast gear traveled with the boat.

Simon Curwen, a Briton, is in the lead boat as it approaches Australia’s west coast from below. Curwen sets course towards Tasmania’s Hobart. To Neuschäfer, he already has a lead of more than 700 nautical miles and about 1,300 kilometers.

Abhilash Tomy, an Indian, is third. Tomy suffered a serious back injury during the previous GGR race four years prior and had to wait a long time in the open sea for help.

Lehtinen finished fifth out of five contestants in the solo sailing for the 2018–2019 season. He traveled for 322 days.

Lehtinen was in an excellent spot in third place prior to his accident.

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