In the last day, there have been reports of a marital crisis between Eyal Golan and Daniel Greenberg, who is in her seventh month of pregnancy, after the curling singer, one of the owners of Hapoel Marmorek in the first division and a “Golstar” star, stayed at a hotel in Tel Aviv with his son Jan Golan- With Ruslana Rudina- However, on behalf of the singer and his wife, they were quick to vehemently deny the allegations and said that Golan had spent a private vacation with his son, and last night he had already returned home to the streets to rest and get organized before his expected performance-

Yesterday (Thursday), on the eve of the publications about the relationship crisis, many noticed that Greenberg removed Golan’s last name from her personal profile on Instagram, which gave further validity to rumors that the couple did indeed experience a relationship crisis just before the expected birth of their second son- But even for this step of removing the singer’s last name, the couple has a logical excuse-

Relatives of the couple report that Greenberg has removed her husband’s last name, as she is waiting to receive a ‘blue V’ that verifies her Instagram account as many celebrities in the industry have, but in her ID she is only listed as’ Greenberg ‘so it does not approve her under the name’ Greenberg Golan ‘- The model apparently had already removed the singer’s last name three days ago and now because of the rumors of a crisis, people have noticed- According to those knowledgeable, there is no connection to the nature of the relationship between the years and as soon as she receives the blue Hoy, she will return Golan’s last name-

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