When Anonymous decided to attack the world champion in jiu jitsu on the street

With all the sorrow involved, fights and fights in England are quite commonplace, and most are not reported at all, even if they are caught on camera. But the brawl caught a few days ago in North Yorkshire was a bit unusual, after one of those involved was none other than the world champion in Brazilian jiu jitsu for teenagers, Alex Williams of England, who just wanted to eat his lunch when suddenly a young man who appeared at the venue tried Attack him and start threatening him.

The incident happened a few days ago. Williams, who has won several world championships at BJJ for young ages, sat on a bench in his hometown and ate his lunch. Suddenly a man appeared, who began to approach him in a threatening manner, and seemed to be shouting something at him.

The same man managed to get close to the world champion, and in a split second even bite a piece of his ear. When Williams realized he was being attacked, and after seeing amounts of blood dripping from his face, he decided to defend himself and threw the attacker on the ground with great force. Although the attacker received a strong blow during the fall, he managed to break free and shouted to the young man: “I will smash your head, I will meet you in the alley and I will stab you.”

“As he approached, I realized this was my chance to attack,” Williams repeated. “Obviously I was afraid, I was afraid he really had a knife and that he would try to stab me. I was convinced he would just leave the place after the first throw, but he came back to me; apparently the beatings were not enough for him. He approached again, but I was ready. I was in situations like this thousands of times, “I knew I had to neutralize him with as little effort as possible and without harming myself. Fortunately, after I caught him again, he fled the scene and I quickly called the police. I left the place immediately afterwards and received treatment at the hospital, they had to make me six stitches.”

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