Boxing: Tom Schwarz: The most important questions about the Femen Naked Riot

Scandal boxer Tom Schwarz (27) knocked out Muhammed Ali Durmaz (41/Baden-Baden) in the first round on his comeback.

But the topic in Falkensee near Berlin was different: two activists protested topless against the heavyweight who had broken his ex-girlfriend’s jaw.

Who were the women?

Klara Martens (31) and Hellen Langhorst (32), activists from the Femen organization.

Why did they strip?

Martens to BILD: “This action was important to us because we are committed to combating violence against women. Since there were hardly any penalties from the legal side, we wanted to expose him publicly and show that his actions will not be forgotten.”

Flashback: Five months ago, Schwarz was on trial for having broken his ex-fiancé Tessa S. (28)’s jaw three times in May 2020. But because his defense attorney invoked “self-defense”, the assault proceedings were discontinued against a payment of 2,500 euros.

Do they face a penalty?

No! Organizer Almin Kuc (41): “The police asked me if I wanted to report it. But I renounce.”

The fight against Muhammed Ali Durmaz (right) is over for Tom Schwarz after 2:32 minutes. For him the 27th victory in the 28th duelPhoto: Ronny Hartmann

What does black say?

“I’m back,” he yelled right after his win. words of regret? None! His manager said: “Tom Schwarz does not give interviews”. Instead, the woman beater was celebrated by 600 fans in the hall, got on his knees and shed tears.

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