The developments in the finals of this year’s start-up competition

The Mediterranean Towers in Ganei Tikva hosted the final of this year’s start-up competition of the Mediterranean Towers Investment Fund VENTURES, which invests in providing the following technological solutions to improve the quality of life of seniors. At the end of the competition, led by the Foundation’s CEO, Dr. Yael Benvenisti, a panel of senior judges, including the director of the Microsoft Israel Innovation Program, Adi Mor-Biran, the director of Herzog Hospital, Dr. Kobi is kindFormer chairman of Bank Hapoalim and a member of the board of directors of the Mediterranean Towers Yair SeroussiChairman of the Mediterranean Towers Moti Kirschenbaum and CEO of the Mediterranean Towers Doron Arnon.

The startup that won first place is Papioma of the founding CEO Yehuda Forer. Papioma comes to the aid of many adults who suffer from tremor (even those who do not have Parkinson’s). The company has developed a device attached to the wrist and significantly reduces tremor. The start-up won a $ 5,000 prize, in the automatic promotion to the final of the 2022 international start-up competition in the AgeTech field to be held in September 2022, under the professional guidance of the VENTURES Mediterranean Towers Foundation for six months, with local and international media exposure and ten hours of legal assistance from a law firm. Barnea Jaffa Landa.

Three more startups advanced to the finals. First, EyeKnow – a system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which monitors in real time cases of violence and aggression against seniors. The system is embedded in every camera and produces Dashboard smart alerts on what is happening in real time.

Second, Modcon – smart camera software that is able to monitor medical indicators automatically (fever, pulse, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and in the future also sugar measurement and more). The goal of the start-up in the first phase is to create self-testing stations for collecting medical data, which will be located at the end of a corridor in sheltered housing or in pharmacies, and later to develop software that will work accurately in the home environment as well.

Third, Eato – a delicious, high-quality and healthy personal meal in ten minutes, without any knowledge and without effort using just boiling water. The meal is suitable for the elderly and includes high levels of protein and fiber. The CEO of the Mediterranean Towers Investment Fund VENTURES Yael Benvenisti said: “This year’s start-up competition of the Mediterranean Towers Fund VENURES is held every year with the aim of directing and growing Israeli startups working to provide technological solutions and promote the quality of life of the elderly.

This is one of the most significant and important competitions in Israel, revealing innovative developments that have the potential to impact the lives of millions of people around the world. I congratulate the winner and wish him great success in the international competition. ”

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