Telegram now prohibits taking screenshots and allows sending anonymous messages

The Telegram chat application released its December update with two important news: screenshots of chats can be banned and, in addition, send anonymous messages.

The focus of this update is privacy. Within groups and channels, users can now restrict message forwarding, take screenshots, and limit capacity save media from a post.

The update also brings several other features, such as support for anonymous posts in public groups and the ability to log in via phone call.

Also, in one-to-one chats, people can now clear chat history for a specific day or a date range with a few taps.

Here, the new Telegram functions.

Delete all messages from a specific date

The new version of Telegram adds security improvements. Photo Telegram

One of the most important changes recently introduced in Telegram is the bulk deletion of messages.

Well, the Telegram 8.3 version already lets you do this, which can serve to simplify the handling of messages: you have to go to the chat you want, choose the specific day and eliminate all traces that have been left. Of course, for now it is only valid for private conversations, not for groups.

Another important change related to privacy has to do, precisely with groups and channels. Chat administrators can now decide whether to protect content posted by their users. Once the protection is applied, no one will be able to save the images, Videos or audios that are uploaded to the chat cannot be shared either. Also, screenshots cannot be taken or forward messages from the protected group or channel.

The rest of the changes introduced in Telegram 8.3:

Telegram, the Russian messaging service, adds users. Telegram, the Russian messaging service, adds users.

  • Management of connected devices. Telegram incorporates a new button to link computers (with a QR, like WhatsApp) and an adjustment to unlink devices that have not been used for a certain time.
  • Comment on behalf of the channel. Telegram allows publishing in groups and channels on behalf of the channel that is managed. Thus the comments appear anonymously and with reference to said channel.
  • Login with the latest phone numbers. Apart from the current startup options, Telegram offers to confirm the code by entering the last digits of the confirmation number that calls the phone.
  • Confirmation of group entry requests. Telegram offers more information on the applications that are accepted to join the groups.

New global themes on Android. Telegram 8.3 includes eight global themes in the Android app: night and light mode, animations and message bubbles with color gradients.

Apart from the important news, Telegram 8.3 for Android includes improvements in the stability and security of the application and the always usual bug fixes. You can download this latest version from Google Play or by going directly to the Telegram download page.

Thus, the Russian messaging application that competes with WhatsApp seeks to be one step ahead.

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