Microsoft Store introduces new filters in the Xbox game search engine to improve accessibility to its service

Xbox has announced a series of measures to improve accessibility to its services, including a new filtering system that allows you to find video games in the Microsoft Store according to a configuration determined by the user.

He 66 percent of gamers with disabilities He claims that he finds some kind of barrier when playing, according to a Scope study collected by Xbox, which defends the importance of making games accessible to everyone.

To overcome those limitations, he has worked with users with special needs to create “a platform where everyone feels welcome, safe and represented”, as explained in a statement.

Hence, it has worked on a series of measures that promote accessibility to all its services. Late last year it unveiled a redesigned and easier-to-navigate support center, which tells users how to adjust their controller settings, among other details.

Since March, Xbox for PC has a new accessibility settings menu that gives the option to disable background images and animations to improve visibility and avoid visual components capable of creating confusion or interrupting the activity of users.

In order to make Microsoft Store searches easier, Xbox has announced that it has introduced a series of filters -20 in total- that allows you to find games in a personalized way, as well as search for titles according to the language that it includes of the more than 17 that it supports.

Xbox has recalled that some of its video games already integrate options for customize the experience based on user needs such as Forza Motorsport, which includes a configurable narration system and options for people with color blindness.

Minecraft Legends, for example, includes accessibility features such as text-to-speech formatting, text size options, subtitles, and viewing modes for people with disabilities. deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia.

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