Dark dust and sand-sized particles found in chest brought back from Bennu

Dark dust and sand-sized particles found in safe betrayed by Bennu

Madrid. NASA astromaterials experts found dark dust and sand-sized particles when opening the treasure chest brought from the asteroid Bennu by the mission Osiris-Rex.

By lifting the lid of the sample return capsule container, scientists they were breathless when they observed dark dust and sand-sized particles inside the lid and baseaccording to the NASA Astromaterials X social network account.

The origin or further characteristics of these materials have not been specified.

The sample return capsule container Osiris-Rex It was delivered to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston on Tuesday after landing in the Utah desert on Monday.

Johnson is home to the world’s largest collection of astromaterials, and conservation experts will perform the complex disassembly of the Touch and Go (Tagsam) sample acquisition mechanism. These operations are carried out in a new laboratory designed specifically for the mission Osiris-Rex. The aluminum lid was removed inside a glove box designed to allow working with the capsule.

When the Tagsam is separated from the container, it will be inserted into a sealed transfer container to preserve a nitrogen environment for about two hours. This container allows enough time for the team to insert it into another unique glove box. This ultimately speeds up the disassembly process. The exhibition is expected to be presented to the public on October 11.

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