Antelopes and warty pigs simultaneously attack lions

South AfricaKudu, warthog and impala cooperate to cause male lions to flee for their lives in Kruger National Park.

The moment different animals joined forces to fight the lion was captured by AP wildlife photographer Roel Voel during a safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa, Latest Sightings reported on April 1. Voel noticed an unusual gathering of animals near the open plain east of the mouth of Malelane. The kudo, humpback and inpala both stood under the marula tree. “They appeared to be communicating, making continuous sniffling and growling sounds.

About 1 – 2 hours later, the three animals started moving in the same direction. Voel decided to follow them. After crossing the dry river bed, the three walked very slowly as if in ambush. The photographer looked ahead and saw a sleeping lion.

While approaching lions, kudu antelopes, warthogs and impalas are very focused. Having experienced the loss of their own species due to this lion for many weeks, they took action by surrounding the lion. Quick as lightning, everyone attacked at the same time. The horns and hooves stabbed into the male lion, waking him up suddenly. It opened its mouth wide and growled, trying to threaten the attacker. Despite the lion’s efforts to defend itself, it was quickly overwhelmed by gazelles and warty pigs. “The situation is reversed, the predator becomes the hunted prey,” Voel said.

The lion had no other choice but to run away. It retreated to a safe distance, licking its wounds while kudu, warthog and impala watched from afar. The lion seemed confused, as if he still couldn’t understand what had just happened.

African lions (Panthera leo) are distributed mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. This is the only cat species in the world that lives in groups. Female lions are the main hunters, preying on gazelles, zebras, wildebeests and a number of other mammals. Male lions protect the territory of the entire pride.

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