Google Maps will extend place discovery with generative AI to Labs

The discovery of places in Google Maps powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology, it will no longer be part of an exclusive test and will move to the experimentation laboratory that any user can access.

Google announced in February the implementation of generative AI in the Maps mobile application so that, starting a chat interface users could get new places to visit with a conversation.

This function analyzes community contributions to offer trusted suggestions, which are collected in categories, and accompanied with photographs and reviews.

Although early access was initially offered only to local guides in the United States the Google Maps application indicates that this is going to change soon, as reported in Android Authority.

Specifically, this generative AI function will become part of Labs, Google’s experimentation laboratory where you can test features before their official release, as long as you are registered.

This has been seen in the Google Maps beta code, where it is indicated that it is “a Labs generative AI experiment” with which participants can “supercharge their search” with this technology to “find new ideas, inspiration and adventures faster and easier.”

The code also warns that it is an experiment that is located in its early stages and that they aim to improve the function based on the experience of those who decide to participate.

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