Savo Manojlović: Serbia does not remember such dignified and magnificent protests

The representative of the organization Kreni-Promeni, Savo Manojlović, assessed today that Serbia does not remember the dignified and magnificent protests as they were held during the weekend, and that the incidents from the protest go to the souls of the authorities in the police.

He said for today’s edition of the Nova newspaper that the police rejected the offer to allow the controlled blocking of the most important roads and highways, and that the Minister of Police, Aleksandar Vulin, announced that he would prevent the citizens from rebelling at any cost.

“No one is stronger than the people when they are well organized and have a clear plan,” he said.

Manojlovic stated that the organization Kreni-Promeni has no information on how many people were detained during the protest on Saturday, stating that they called on citizens who need legal assistance to contact the team of that organization, and that a large number of lawyers organized separately to provide legal assistance to detainees.

According to him, Kreni-Promeni has started organizing a fund for paying misdemeanor fines.

Manojlovic claims that a large number of members of the police assessed as shameful the behavior of their colleagues towards the citizens who protested.

“It can be seen that most police officers are ashamed. We call on members of the police who are ashamed of this treatment to open sick leave next Saturday. There is no need for the government to introduce Serbia into the civil war,” Manojlovic said.

He reiterated that he was ready to bear all the consequences, reminding that he was aware that the protest, which he initiated, was not allowed.

As he stated, for next Saturday, they plan to invite “the whole of Serbia” to get into cars and go out on highways and highways in groups of five to 20 cars.

“If any of us are arrested, let the citizens continue to implement this plan. If I go out and call for the abandonment of this plan, and the conditions are not met, let the citizens not listen to me,” said Savo Manojlovic.

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