Report: Egypt produces locally licensed Emirate UAVs

This is the Yabhon Flash-20 UAV based on the Belarusian UAV. In Egypt it was named EJune30. The emirates also sold it to Algeria

According to Egyptian journalist mahmouedgamal44, Egypt locally produces a version of the Yabhon Flash-20 UAV under the name EJune30. The Emirate UAV is based on a Belarusian UAV called Belar YS-Ex.

The Emirate UAV is manufactured by the Emirate ADCOM Systems, which also sold a manufacturing license to Algeria.

The Egyptian UAV will be displayed at the EDEX2023 exhibition in Egypt. The base version of the UAV is capable of being lifted with a takeoff weight of 1.5 tons and staying on the mission for 60-70 hours in a row.

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