è stata una vittima della lotta per il Quirinale

In the case of the Quirinale Elisabetta Belloni was “a victim”. This was stated by the undersecretary of the Prime Minister and the delegated authority for security, Franco Gabrielli. “I followed the story live – says Gabrielli on Belloni’s candidacy for the Quirinale – Belloni, as a great servant of the state, experienced all this with annoyance and concern. She informed me immediately and I followed step by step. News was conveyed. of meetings, when she was not even in Rome. She was a victim of this affair and now we must learn from mistakes, sometimes made in good faith and with the best intentions: some subjects and some institutions must be sheltered. O you can be sure that she will be elected or damage will be caused to the person and to the institutions that must be safeguarded “.

“There is no possibility of removing Elisabetta Belloni. She enjoys my and Draghi’s trust” Gabrielli pointed out “This story – continues Gabrielli – must teach us that some institutions must be protected. a person who represents the institutions “.

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