She was able to share one last image, and then disaster struck: Christina (30) dies when yacht hits her kayak

She could really relax on the water, 30-year-old Christina Frazzica. Also on Sunday afternoon she and her boyfriend went out by kayak off the coast of Posillipo, Italy. But shortly after posting a final photo, she was killed after being struck by a yacht.

The weather was beautiful on Sunday in fashionable Posilippo, in the southwest of the Italian city of Naples. And so Christina Frazzica went out with the kayak. Frazzica, who has a master’s degree in biotechnology and physics, had recently found the love of her life, a 33-year-old criminal lawyer. He was with her on Sunday.

Near the presidential residence Villa Rosebery, an iconic spot featured in many films, her kayak was suddenly struck by a motor yacht around 6 p.m. The kayak was literally catapulted away. The boat that had struck her quickly left without any concern for its victim. It was others, including her boyfriend, who quickly provided help and notified the emergency services.

Her friend was only slightly injured, but no help could help Frazzica. Just moments after taking and posting images from the water, she was dead.

The police have now launched an investigation for manslaughter and hit-and-run. Based on the first reconstruction of the incident, the ship that hit the kayak was sailing from the north towards the Mergellina and Naples berths. But so far no boat has been found there that matches the description given by witnesses. So the research area has now been extended to further ports and berths.

There is a lot of water recreation in the area and there have been complaints for some time about the sailing behavior of some. Motor yachts often sail at high speed. The police now promise stricter control to stop the speed demons.

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