Flights abroad: this is how you can find international flights at discounted prices

The Hola company launched a new product called Shoopit, it is a simple and free add-on that works through the company’s browser, and actually provides a search for flights on the same website but from several countries at the same time.

In this way, the supplement offers the most attractive price for the consumer without any reference to his location. The new supplement will greatly help the Israeli consumer who, due to his location, is often presented with significantly more expensive prices, and can even reach a gap of tens of percent from the price offered to other countries.

The tool makes it possible to access the site through a wide variety of places in the world and in this way to collect the relevant information – to yield better results, which means significantly lower prices. The company’s algorithm presents users with a wide range of prices when searching for a flight, including which country it is best to purchase the ticket from and actually allows changing the country of origin from which the flight is booked.

The CEO of Hola, Avi Raz Cohen, said: “We were surprised to find that in the vast majority of searches we found cheaper prices for the same flight – and the differences sometimes reach tens of percent. It is convenient for global companies to treat the Israeli consumer as rich, and therefore the prices shown will often be significantly higher and may reach a gap of tens of percent from the prices shown to other consumers from other countries.”

“In addition, during the development of the tool, we discovered that there are flights that are not shown to the Israeli consumer at all, so we make sure that the information is accessible without any discrimination, believing that the Internet should be equal and accessible to everyone. The use of the add-on is available for free use in the hola browser, and as an add-on to the Chrome browser. Coming soon will also be available in other browsers,” he said.

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