The loader fell asleep in the belly of the plane – and woke up in another country
Unusual incident in India: A loading worker at Mumbai airport is in the trunk of an Indigo Airbus A320 plane that landed in Abu Dhabi, after a flight of about three hours. According to the suspect, the loader fell asleep behind the luggage in the belly of the plane before take-off and no one noticed its absence before the doors were closed.The bizarre incident reportedly occurred yesterday and the worker only woke up when the plane was already on the runway on its way to take off and of course could not leave until it landed at the UAE airport. It was further investigated how the other loaders did not notice that one of their friends was not found, since they had to perform a head count as required by the procedures



After landing the worker was found healthy and intact and was immediately sent back to India on the same plane that made its way back to Mumbai. This time of course he got to sit in a seat in the cabin.

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