Telenor menja ime u Yettel

Telenor Serbia announced today that it will continue to operate under the name Yettel from March.

The name change will take place in three countries where the PPF group uses the Telenor brand – Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria.
“Our business strategy is based on three goals: to provide the best user experience and the most modern network, with high new efficiency and profitability. To achieve these goals, we need a strong brand,” said the CEO of TMT CEE (Technology, Media, Telecommunications for CEE region) PPF Telecom Group Marek Slačik.

He added that a new chapter is beginning for this business group in Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

“We have a solid and strong foundation that we have created under the Telenor brand on which we will continue to build a relationship with customers, and create additional value under the new, Yettel brand,” Slačik added.

Yettel is, as it was pointed out in the announcement, a modern brand, designed on the basis of research of needs and trends in the market. It was created with the aim of contributing to the quality of life of users, with an understanding of the growing role that technology plays in people’s daily lives.

“Yettel is a new name, a new word. During 2022, we will launch new products and services, while our strategic focus remains unchanged: we want to further develop business and the Serbian market, contribute to the economy and community and offer quality services through state-of-the-art network and infrastructure.” said the general director of the company in Serbia, Mike Michel.

The period of changing Telenor’s name starts today, will end by the end of March and does not require any user activity.

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