Beto Mendeleev, the tweeter leader who most worries the CEO of Generación Zoe

In a surprising talk he gave by Zoom, the CEO of Generación Zoe, Leonardo Cositorto offered his release for the serious accusations he faces. The leader of the organization, a fugitive from Justice, is being investigated for alleged fraud and illicit association. He is suspected of running a pyramid scheme, a fraud known as Ponzi. In his speech in front of a virtual audience of 5,000 people, he asked the savers for fidelity and patience and not to withdraw their money from him.

“For 46 days, business and media groups have begun to seek to generate a smear campaign, with systematic and tenacious attacks,” he proclaimed, visibly angry. He aimed above all at Osvaldo “Beto” Mendeleev, an anonymous Twitter user who has been denouncing for two months the inconsistencies of the multiple businesses of Generación Zoe. Cositorto accused him of representing “dark interests” and of attacking the company with his army of followers. Beto Mendeleev is a nickname. Actually it is a character of Peter Capusotto that uses the tweeter.

As a result of his fight with Cositorto, Beto increased his fame and even organized virtual forums on Twitter to analyze the phenomenon of pyramid schemes. A month ago, he challenged any member of Zoe to discuss your business model which offered earnings of between 7.5% and 10% per month in dollars in exchange for immobilizing the deposits for a year. The only one who accepted was Francisco Oneto, the lawyer that Cositorto appointed to face a criminal case for fraud.

The debate attracted the attention of more than 11,000 people. It lasted for more than an hour and there were no clear conclusions. Mendeleev asked for details about the purchases of some gold mines, the backing of the Zoe Cash cryptocurrency and how the payment of such high returns could be sustained. “If this is a scam, then bring me a victim,” Oneto replied. For other reasons, Cositorto displaced Oneto and appointed Miguel Angel Pierre to defend himself in court. With the scandal in sight, Mendeleev reminds Oneto every day: “Did you want victims?”

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