Mika Lintilä to attend the EU meeting – this is how Finland sets out its position on Vladimir Putin’s demand

EU energy ministers will meet this afternoon in Brussels for an extraordinary Council meeting.

France has called on member states to discuss the impact of Russia’s attack on the EU’s energy sector. Energy ministers talked about the situation, which is particularly related to security of gas supply.

Finland will be represented at the meeting by the Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (middle).

This is how Finland follows the line

The obligation imposed by Russia to pay for gas in rubles emerges in the discussion of energy ministers. Russia cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria last Wednesday when companies in those countries refused to pay gas bills in rubles.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin demanded gas payments in rubles from “hostile countries” in March. Putin has later announced that Russian gas suppliers will accept an arrangement whereby gas bills will be paid in euros into an account with Gazprombank in the future, which would handle payments in rubles.

For the time being, the EU lacks a coherent approach to whether the arrangement involves circumvention of Russian sanctions.

“Finland considers it important that gas agreements comply in all respects with the existing agreements entered into by the companies, which also specify the currency. Failure by the other party to do so will constitute a breach of contract. Finland’s view is also that it is important that EU countries work together on this issue, ”the Ministry of Employment and the Economy’s press release states.

This is how Finland views the gas storage proposal

Energy ministers will discuss security of gas supply, joint procurement and a legislative proposal to fill gas stocks.

In principle, the Government welcomes the Commission’s proposal for a regulation on gas stocks. Finland also has a strategic interest in filling the EU’s gas reserves for next winter.

“Finland supports efforts for joint gas procurement and wants to find a workable and suitable solution for gas storage. Finland welcomes the fact that the measures are voluntary for the Member States. Member States should be able to determine their share according to their own needs. “

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