Now Valdemar’s Castle has been sold
Valdemar’s Castle has now officially changed owner

The dispute between Caroline Fleming and Louise Albinus has now officially come to an end. Photo: Mogens Flindt

Valdemar’s Castle at Tåsinge has now been officially handed over to the new owner.

It writes See and Hear.

From information from Tinglysningen, which Ekstra Bladet has also reviewed, it appears that 43-year-old Louise Albinus, who is the sister of Caroline Fleming, is now the sole owner of the castle.

Valdemar’s Castle was put up for sale last year for DKK 165 million, but according to the Land Registry, the price ended up being a lot lower.

The castle was handed over for 106,300,000 kroner – around 60 million kroner less than the offer price was otherwise to begin with.

The transfer comes after a years-long conflict between Louise Albinus and Caroline Fleming over who had the rights to Valdemar’s Castle, which risked being bought by a foreign investor if they did not reach an agreement.

In the end, however, Louise Albinus chose to bid on the castle.

According to Se og Hør, the money for which the castle has been sold goes to Valdemars Slot Gods A / S, of which Louise Albinus and Caroline Fleming each own half.

Valdemar's Castle is now officially sold. Photo: Asger Olsen A / S
Valdemar’s Castle is now officially sold. Photo: Asger Olsen A / S

Closes to the public
Louise Albinus officially took over the castle on May 15, and in that connection she held a reception where she told more about the future of the historic buildings.

Here she said, among other things, that the castle, which until now has served as a museum, will in the future be closed to the public.

The reason is that there is simply no contents left. The furniture is owned by Louise Iuel Albinus’ nephew, Alexander, who is the son of Caroline Fleming, and it has therefore been removed from the castle.

– Therefore, Nikolaj (Albinus, her husband, ed.) And I very much hope for your understanding and support when I say that the castle can not remain open as a museum. Because there is simply nothing to show off, she said in that connection and emphasized that, among other things, concerts and Christmas markets at the castle are also over.

The plan is for the contents of Valdemar’s Castle to be sold at auction.

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