To celebrate her victory in court against her father, Britney Spears went on a pampering vacation with her partner – and shared photos on her Instagram page that leave no room for imagination

Photo: From the “Britney Spears Instagram Page”, from the Britney Spears Instagram Page

In perfect timing with Britney Spears’ legal victory over her father Jamie Spears, and the release of the new film about the relationship between the two, Spears boarded a flight to a dream destination and shared on her Instagram page a series of nude photos from her vacation with new fiancé Sam Asgari.

The star has posted several pictures of herself without a top in the past that have aroused the concern of the fans. But remove worry from your hearts, Spears wrote alongside the post that playing with the mosaics “never hurt anyone,” adding: “No photo editing.”

As you may recall, the court in Los Angeles suspended Spears’ father from guardianship over his daughter’s property, which is valued at tens of millions of dollars. The singer’s struggle has not ceased to interest the world in recent months and in the last week two documentaries have been released that have tried to shed new light on the affair.

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