Chrissie Tigan underwent an eyebrow transplant
35-year-old Chrissie Tigan is one of the stars we love more in the Hollywood swamp, sharing with her followers everything that happens in her personal life. Now Fry has revealed that she has undergone an eyebrow transplant procedure – and this is what it looks like

In recent years our obsession with eyebrows has reached new levels, and we in the mako celebs system spend long hours in-depth looking at the eyebrows of both women and men. It turns out that Hollywood star Chrissy Tigan is also an obsessive partner of the mako celebs system and women of the world in general, and she decided to do a brave act – and implant eyebrows.

The beautiful 35-year-old model shared with her 36 million followers the medical procedure she underwent, and did not hide the excitement of the matter. “I try not to wear makeup, so I was very excited about this eyebrow transplant,” she wrote as she photographed herself a moment after the procedure. “It’s a moment after surgery. So cool!”.

Chrissie’s new eyebrows are undoubtedly noticeable on her beautiful face, and now the star is proud of the full eyebrows created as mentioned in the transplant. In the procedure, hairs were taken from the back of her scalp, and these were implanted on her face in the eyebrow area. The star did not hide her excitement, and we send her quite a few congratulations and congratulations.

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