Model Francia James kicked out of a mall after ” No Nut November” prank

Francia James is a well-known character in the US, at least for those who like unrestrained network anchors. We’ve written about her before, too, and this time we’re back to see how she was after she was kicked out of a mall after entering it naked with only makeup on her body.

“I can not believe I was kicked out of the mall – they always do it to me”: An Instagram anchor recently found herself kicked out of a shopping center in Miami following a disturbing prank in honor of the end of November. The bizarre incident came entirely to the account of Francia James, the same young woman who wore a nutcracker costume – though wearing it may not be the correct definition of what the Colombian glamor model did.

In the video you can see James standing in the middle of the shopping center with her whole body painted like the main character from the famous ballet show, then you can see her asking passersby: “Want a nut?”. This prank of hers was in honor of the end of November and with it the No Nut November challenge.

Every November, many in the US and the UK participate in the No Nut November challenge where they do not have sex or masturbate throughout the month. And so this is exactly why she went around naked and only with body paint at the end of November and offered “nuts” to people.

In the post, which has already been viewed more than a million times, you can see one of the security guards go to the camera, demand that he turn off the camera and expel the two, and although it was rumored that she was destroyed in the middle, it turns out that James has already received 129,000 likes on this video. To 1,900 comments from surfers.

“The truth is that it is a very clever concept if you think about it for a moment,” wrote one of the surfers. “I do not know who is behind it, but I liked it.” Meanwhile, another surfer wrote: “Good for you as a nutcracker from Mamasita!”.

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