Indonesian model filmed a sex video at the airport – and could face up to 12 years in prison

Indonesian OnlyFans star Siskaeee was arrested last Saturday on suspicion of violating local porn law, after uploading a sex video of her from Yogyakarta International Airport

The model found herself entangled with law enforcement in Indonesia after filming a sex video at an airport. The suspect, known online as Siskaeee, has been arrested in recent days after citizens were exposed to the scandalous documentation and filed a complaint with police.

Preliminary investigation findings revealed that the video was filmed in October at Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA), in the island of Jawa, Indonesia. In the documentation you can see the network anchor exposing her chest in one of the parking lots on the spot and then indulging herself. At this time, passers-by are seen entering the airport take-off terminal.

Siskaeee was arrested last Saturday at a train station in Bandung city, a few weeks after the investigation began. She has been in custody ever since. Muhammad Faharini, commander of the city police station, referred to the affair and said that in their estimation the suspect had planned the act in advance.

“The video was taken in the western part of the parking lots of YIA Airport, on the second floor,” the police officer noted. “The documentation shows that she arrived without a bra or underwear, which indicates that she planned everything in advance. Such activity is not allowed in a public area such as airports and is against the law under local pornography laws.”

Siskaeee is well known in Indonesia as one of the most famous porn actresses and allies of the country’s fans. “I have a lot of fans,” she said in an interview earlier this year. “Most of them are men and they recognize me when I walk around the house.” If she is found guilty on the suspicions attributed to her, she could be sent to serve a 12-year prison sentence for committing pornographic offenses.

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