Chrissie Tigan showered with her children
Chrissy Teigen loves to do a lot of things, but most of all she loves to share with followers what is going on in her personal life. When Teigen posted a photo from a bathing party she held with her children, quite a few surfers were horrified by the joint activity – and attacked. “Abnormal”

If we had to pick Hollywood’s Leah Greener, it would undoubtedly have been Chrissy Teigen. The beloved star is known for her fondness for unstoppable statements (and pictures), which arouse quite a bit of interest among her most devout surfers and fans. Now that she has taken advantage of a perfectly normal day for a pampering bath with her young children – she has once again caused quite a stir.

Teigen shared on her Instagram page a picture from a shared bathroom she shared with her two little girls – Luna (5) and Miles (3). The bunch were filled with the pampering foam of a real bath, smeared with extra-large smiles on their faces. Of course, quite a few respondents were not happy to see the shared picture – and began to attack in the comments.

“No! It’s inappropriate in front of your son,” wrote one respondent, referring to the fact that the bath took place naked, and another wrote: “Taking a bath with your children is not normal.” They added: “There are things in life that you need to keep to yourself, Chrissy,” and other commenters referred to the fact that Chrissy enjoyed the bath with * full face makeup * on her face. We’re going to relax in a pampering bath for a moment.

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