Breaking: After rumors and denials, Eyal Golan and Daniel Greenberg are divorcing

After three years of marriage and two children together, Eyal Golan and Daniel Greenberg signed a divorce agreement: “Decide to embark on a new path out of friendship, love and understanding”

Eyal Golan and Daniel Greenberg signed a divorce agreement with a lawyer this morning (Tuesday), after three years of marriage and two children. Golan and Greenberg have experienced crises in their relationship in recent months, during which Eyal even spent time in the hotel away from his wife alongside quite a bit of talk about divorce, but the two were careful to dispel the rumors and even the two decided to give the relationship another chance.

In recent weeks, the two have demonstrated a stable relationship, spent many vacations together overseas and showed affection, support and mutual love, held an alliance event with their son Ron and even spent two days together at a Golan performance. But in the last few minutes, a message that was distributed to the media bodies on behalf of “Liam Productions” stated that the two are separating.

Liam Productions reported: “Eyal and Daniel decided to embark on a new path each separately from love and understanding friendships. The two will continue to keep in touch friends and raise the children together. In a winter performance at the Hall of Culture that took place this week and their relationship today is better than ever. ”

Alongside this, just this morning Daniel aired business as usual when she responded to the surfer what it was like to be married to a singer and deal with the fans. “Admittedly, my life, my relationship and my husband are a little different from the norm,” she wrote, “but I am a woman who is no different from any other woman,” she explained. “Every woman is jealous of her man to one degree or another. I have a different complexity and a certain requirement to accept things a little differently. So how do I cope? Understand, I understand that there is a desire to get too close, understand that there is constant excitement on the part of those fans, I also understand “In my case, I can not always control things.”

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