Without limits’ recreates the first round the world in Espacio Ibercaja Delicias (Madrid)

The Multipurpose room of Espacio Ibercaja Delicias will host, from next February 15, the exhibition ‘Magellan and Elcano: Without Limits’, an immersive experience that will recreate the visitor to the adventure of the first round the world starring Ferdinand of Magellan Y Juan Sebastian Elcano.

In this way, ‘Magellan and Elcano: Without Limits’ will embark young and old on the expedition that left in August 1519 from Seville with the purpose of opening a trade route with the spice islands to the west, looking for a passage between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

The public will visit for more than an hour, with the help of an audio guide, four different stages of the journey. The first stop is the Seville of the 16th century, Mainland, starting point of the expedition, where different protagonists will give their version of the story: Fernando of Magellan, Juan Sebastián Elcano, Enrique de Malaca, the king, the people, the rogue and Antonio de Pigafetta.

The Alta Mar space has a life-size reproduction of the 30-meter-long ‘Nao Victoria’, the only boat that returned to Seville three years after its departure.

Visitors can also enjoy the ‘Nao Victoria’ docked in the port, in the Tierra Firme area, and experience the spice trade first-hand.

The exhibition is based on a concept created by the show production company LETSGO together with MONO Films and MKTG Spain.

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