At 24: Sydney Sweeney is engaged
“Euphoria” has come to an end as it leaves quite a few new stars and stars to follow in our lives. Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie in the series, is having a stable relationship away from the spotlight with a 37-year-old man – and now she is engaged

The second season of the on-screen favorite series, “Euphoria,” has come to an end, and since then we’ve been looking for every shred of information about the stars and stars we’ve relied on. Now good news and Hollywood are coming from the direction of Sydney Sweeney, who plays the character of Cassie in the series, with surprising and exciting engagements for her partner.

Since 2018, 24-year-old Sydney has been dating 37-year-old Jonathan Debino. While the two do not look too much out there as a full-fledged couple, behind the scenes their relationship is only getting tighter. Earlier this week Sydney was photographed in Hollywood with a huge diamond ring on her finger, and this morning (Thursday) the People website confirmed that the two were engaged.

The family of the beautiful actress’ fiancĂ© is the owner of “Pompei”, a popular Italian restaurant in Chicago. Apart from the restaurant, the family also owns a large packaging and technology company, in which 37-year-old Debino works.

Last January, Sydney was interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine and talked about her love life. “I do not go out with famous people,” she said. “I do not go out with musicians or skyscrapers, nor with people from the entertainment industry. So I can be the real Sydney and everything is much easier.”

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