A former model claims: I Maintain a youthful appearance thanks to drinking my own urine

In the 1990s, Troy Casey became famous in a Versace men’s campaign. Today he is 55 years old with abdominal muscles, a thick beard and extreme and controversial views on the secret to eternal youth

It is not inconceivable that the following information will arouse a certain sense of curiosity mixed with disgust. Still, not every morning a former successful model attributes his youthful appearance to his own urine drinking. Like that time Scout Grant did it on TV. Troy Casey, 55, who was a successful model in the 1990s and starred in the famous men’s campaign for Gianni Versace’s jeans line filmed in Miami Beach, claimed this week in an interview with News Dog Media that he maintains his youthful appearance and shapely physique. Thanks to a daily dose of urine, rubbing the urine on his skin and rinsing the enema of the anus with it. “The feeling is electrifying!” Admitted.


Casey did not invent anything new, of course. The first to recognize the health benefits of using urine for drinking was Hippocrates, and healing by drinking urine on a daily basis is an ancient Ayurvedic practice. “It was not that awful, except for the mental barrier in his head,” said Casey, who began drinking his urine in 2008, “intuitively, it felt good.” Since then he has been drinking it daily, and has even experienced fasting of drinking urine for seven days. That is, he drank nothing but his own waste.

On the Instagram page of the controversial health guru from Arizona, USA, you will not find evidence of his time as a successful past model. However, in a video he uploaded tonight, he sits in front of the camera wearing a Versace robe, which is surely aimed at his re-release in recent days in a gesture of self-humor.


Casey’s posts to his 121,000 followers showcase his positions: videos in which he flatters his doctrine of “natural health,” resistance to masks and corona vaccines (hers does not include any scientific or factual argument), and tips for maintaining skin and body appearance. Here, too, urine plays a role. “I ferment my urine in a closed jar for two weeks, then make an enema with it,” he explained, claiming, “It strengthens you healthily and I got the squares in my stomach thanks to that.”

I wonder if the re-advertising will bring Casey a future campaign for a fashion brand, but he is undoubtedly back in consciousness. Currently, one of his goals is to skip over the barrier of urine. “Using self-urine is a major psychological barrier for many people, but uric acid is also used in luxury skin care products,” he says, arguing, without providing proven facts, that many cosmetic companies fear that people will learn that the secret to their health lies in themselves. “Applying old-fashioned urine to the face and body is the fountain of youth, and enemas in old-fashioned urine are one of the ways my stomach is so flat. I’m 55 and most people my age do not look and feel like me.”

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