English League: Della Ali goes out with Pep Guardiola’s daughter

The gossip columns in England are going crazy over the relationship between Della Ali, the Tottenham star, and Maria Guardiola, the daughter of coach Pep Guardiola.

Ali and Pep Guardiola’s daughter were seen leaving a branch of the Starbucks cafe together over the weekend, after they had already been caught by paparazzi photographers kissing. In photos published by the Daily Mail, the couple can be seen in the middle of a romantic date in the exclusive London neighborhood of Mayfair.

Ali, 25, and Guardiola, 20, were also documented leaving the scene in the car that was waiting for them and from there continued to an unknown location. As is well known, in February the Roosters relationship ended his previous five.year relationship with model Robbie Mae and was claimed to be “ruined”, but very quickly he tried to find new love through the famous dating app Raya, designed exclusively for celebrities. In April everything changed when he met Maria and the most interesting question is what does Father Pep think of his daughter’s new relationship?

In fact, they never wanted to hide and already in May the famous footballer and daughter of the famous coach showed “they did not care who caught them”, when they kissed passionately at the London Cloud 9 bar in front of hundreds of people. “Della and Maria didn’t seem to have any worries in the world. They didn’t care who saw them while they were kissing in front of the DJ. They looked so cute and in love that it felt just like a fresh couple,” a source told The Sun.

The beautiful Maria is the eldest of Guardiola’s three children with his wife Christina Sera, and is considered “Daddy’s girl” according to what the City coach said in one of his interviews about his close relationship with his daughter who can boast the new title “Footballer Wife”.

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