O’Sullivan confused by the new generation of snooker players

Six time world champion in snooker Ronnie O’Sullivan said that he is confused by the new generation of snooker players who come to the sport and that he believes that many problems stem from ego and a false sense of self-confidence.
O’Sullivan, who has been a professional since 1992, has long suspected younger stars who have appeared in professional competitions without previous experience in amateur and youth competitions.

He admitted that he is not too impressed and that these players probably believe too much in how good they are.

“There are a lot of good players, but I think the problem with today’s snooker is what I see in many players. They come without a lot of experience in amateur or junior competitions and the ego is activated: ‘I’m a professional and I play in the first round against Mark Williams.’ they’re not really that good. Some players are playing now because the tournament is open to everyone. They’ve been there all year and it’s hard to lower that ego, “O’Suliven told Eurosport.

“When you’re a young player, you play from week to week, then they beat you for the next two or three weeks and your ego is under control, because you respected the game and the players and the level at which it should be played. Some people I see on the tour, “I wonder how they actually got there. Where do you find them? In some cases they have no experience at the amateur and junior level, I don’t know, it confuses me. That’s one of the reasons I don’t watch matches,” he added.

The record holder in the number of ranking titles (37) said that he watches a lot of snooker, but not a modern snooker.

“Many years ago, when you became a professional, you deserved the title. Now it’s open to everyone. It’s awkward. I think I, (Mark) Williams and (John) Higgins have had the best years, physically and mentally we are not the players we are. were six, seven, 10, 15 years ago, no way, but we have experience, pedigrees, the ability to believe in our abilities. in place, ”O’Sullivan said.

“Such things create the character of players. Today, many players are really good players, but they don’t have that foundation, they haven’t gone through those stages that would make them players that will exist for a long time. They are very inexperienced, they probably believe in themselves too much, they are so good and it can be a dangerous thing. have experienced all levels of the game and appreciate it, “the 45-year-old snooker player added.

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