We already thought we had seen it all after Alyssa Schmidt, the German athlete selected as the “sexiest athlete in the world”, but the section was surprised to find that there were those who gave her a huge fight. She stars on Instagram and is considered one of the most beautiful women in the United States and her name is Paige Spiranak, a former professional golfer and now an Instagram anchor and a huge network star who boasts 3.2 million followers !!! (One million more than Schmidt, followed by 2.2 million people) and she takes good care of her followers and provides particularly attractive and hot materials.

The 25.year.old golfer uploads videos of her golf activities from home, off the court, and creatively illustrates all sorts of new exercises – for example, how she manages to slip the ball into the hole when her golf club is on her chest. Paige decided to stop participating in the professional round about two years ago in order to invest in promoting her Instagram page. It definitely paid off for her, as evidenced by the number of her followers that went up miraculously. Today she uses the platform as her main livelihood – much thanks to the provocative images she uploads.

Once in a while Spiranak makes sure to make headlines: once it was nude photos, another time she was photographed for Sports Illustrated’s coveted swimwear magazine and recently revealed an interesting detail during her podcast. “I don’t usually wear panties to competitions,” the hot blonde honestly shared. “The panties bother me. The reason is that I wear under shorts with a few layers, and that’s enough.”

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