Eintracht Frankfurt: That’s why the fans in London have bad cards

It was a day for eternity! Eintracht celebrated the sensation in Barcelona at Camp Nou with 30,000 enthusiastic Frankfurt fans. Unfortunately, the white wall in the stadium remains a unique experience that will not be repeated in the semifinals of the Europa League at West Ham United (Thursday, 9 p.m.)…

Eintracht only gets 3000 tickets. And the Londoners threaten all fans who are not in the guest block with being thrown out.

The white wall marched through Barcelona, ​​then took the Camp NouFoto: picture alliance / ZUMAPRESS.com

Fan expert Martin Endemann from the Football Supporters Europe network also assumes a different trip. “It will not be comparable to Barcelona. Now many will speculate on saving money for the final in Seville. Football fans are of course also realistic when it comes to getting tickets. The chance is very small this time,” he told the German Press Agency.

Unlike the Barça fans, the Hammers supporters are very keen on the game and want to go to the stadium themselves instead of selling their cards. Endemann: “The number of holders who want to use the tickets themselves will be huge. The chances for Eintracht fans are therefore rather manageable.”

Thousands of Eintracht fans will still travel to London to watch the game in a pub without a ticket if necessary. This is one of the reasons why the Ultras Frankfurt are calling again: “Everyone in a white shirt or jersey to London!”

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