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It’s simply become too much for them. What relationship needs multiple homes when no one else in the family lives there anymore and the children have grown up? As a result, they downsized and sold a significant portion of the property. Only a form of outbuilding, together with a tennis court, should now belong to the two in Las Vegas.

Steffi Graf and her husband Andre Agassi allegedly played a brief round there again and again, according to the report. She pursued him across the field again and again. And her forehand made things difficult for him time and again.

This is one of the rare anecdotes from Steffi Graf’s life that has survived her extraordinary career. Unlike her male counterpart Boris Becker, who is nearly ubiquitous and was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on Friday for delaying insolvency, the 52-year-old German has managed to live a quiet existence.

After two nearly identical careers, two completely different lives emerged. Unforgettable how the two Germans turned Germany into a tennis country with their achievements on the international stage – there was no stopping them after Becker and Graf won Wimbledon on the same day in 1989. Steffi Graf, on the other hand, disappeared totally after her career, while Becker was often in conversation about women’s stories, money troubles, and media appearances.

This was a very deliberate decision. Graf has never been one to revel in the attention lavished on her; even after her greatest achievements, she appeared to be lost on the pitch as the cameras flashed around her.

And it seemed that she shared my sentiments. “Once you leave all that behind you, you realize how frequently you’ve been alone on the pitch, left alone in this world,” she once stated in one of her few interviews. “We’ve talked about how we want this life for our kids a lot.”

As typical as it gets for a family

Maybe that’s why Agassi and his wife decided to let the two kids grow up as normally as possible, assuming that’s even feasible given mom and dad’s celebrity.

In any case, life in the Agassi/Graf home sounded quite similar to that of any other American family. She fed the kids breakfast in the morning, drove them to school, and picked them up again in the afternoon. Ms. Agassi was frequently referred to and addressed as Ms. Agassi rather than the famous tennis player from Germany.

She was said to be the stricter of the two, with a strong desire to keep the kids out of the spotlight. Jaden Gil and Jaz Elle’s childhood and adolescent photos were essentially non-existent for the rest of the globe. She was even relieved to have landed herself in the Nevada desert, where she had never intended to see. Agassi was the one who encouraged his wife to go to Las Vegas, his birthplace.

After their active careers, Steffi Graf and her husband Andre Agassi frequently attended charity games.

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Graf would have chosen to live in New York, but she valued being close to her family more than anything else. Her mother, brother, and family, as well as members of Agassi’s family, lived in the other houses on her estate, which resembled a little hamlet. Graf’s mother moved out and Agassi’s father died, so it’s gotten a little bare over the years. What about the kids?

The two youngsters have reached the legal age of majority.

Jaden Gil (20) and Jaz Elle (18) now have the ability to defend themselves and choose whether or not to appear in public. With Jaden Gil, who is on his way to becoming a baseball superstar, this is almost impossible to avoid. He posted one of the rare family photos with the pleased parents on Instagram after signing his contract with the University of Southern California. Jaz Elle visits more frequently than her brother, going skiing, having a cookout with friends, and going to the gym.

The Graf/Agassi couple lives alone in their house. Of course, believing that everything is always perfect or that all difficulties can be fixed by playing tennis together is a fantasy. Who is this person? A magazine recently reported that Steffi and her husband were having marital troubles as a result of her increased visit to Germany.

If these stories were true, the couple would have been divorced or at the very least separated numerous times. When rumors circulated that Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf were no longer together, they just smiled it off the next time they were together. It’s been like way for the past 20 years.

A seemingly incompatible couple

And you believe Graf when she discusses her marriage. In her most recent significant interview, she told “Gala” that she and André “constantly communicate information on everything.” “We’re on the same page and back each other up.”

During her active profession, she would never have imagined herself saying such a thing. You and this crazy American with his long hair, which he used to wrap around his head with a colorful headband? She was reserved, orderly, and well-organized. He, the extroverted, chaotic, and unpredictable.

André Agassi, on the other hand, has long fantasized about having a relationship with Steffi Graf. He describes how enamored he was with her when he first saw her, with “her unassuming grace, her inherent beauty,” in his book.

He didn’t have an easy time getting to her because she didn’t make it easy for him, but he didn’t quit up. Until, at some point in the late 1990s, Steffi Graf became convinced that he was, in fact, the appropriate person for her. After that, everything moved at a breakneck pace. Moving, marriage, and children are all things that people go through throughout their lives.

To date, she is the only player to have won all four Grand Slam titles in the same year…

Mark Cardwell/FP photo

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. Years later, when he talked about it, his eyes gleamed. He didn’t bother to disguise the fact that she was something of a salvation, a salvation to normalcy, since he was on the verge of ruining himself with narcotics.

Today, the two have a lot in common, not the least of which is their social engagement. While he established a free school for poor children in Las Vegas, she works with a Hamburg-based charity to assist programs for children in conflict and crisis zones.

Almost all of Steffi Graf’s public appearances are in conjunction with this activity. Others might describe her life as monotonous, but she would probably describe it as humble. She told the “Gala” that she looks after the pets and participates in a variety of sports. She now chooses to challenge her husband to a pickleball match, which combines badminton, tennis, and table tennis. “When the body pinches again,” it’s easier. Andre Agassi cannot be expected to have an easy time against them in this game.

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