Playtika has announced the global launch of a new game, Switchcraft, which has been developed by its game studio in Berlin, Wooga, a leader in storytelling and connecting narratives to casual games. Switchcraft is a storytelling game that combines interactive plots and stories with Match 3 game mechanics.

During the game, participants are required to solve a mystery within a sweeping and fascinating story. The protagonist of the game is a young woman, Bailey Ward, who lives in a small town in Massachusetts in the United States. Bailey leads the players on a winding journey full of challenges and interactions. With its launch, the game will allow Playtica to expand its product range and audience characteristics in one of the most popular areas in the gaming world today, the Match 3 field.

The game will be launched worldwide on the iOS and Android platforms and will be available for download in English and 12 other languages.

A new experience for players

The depth and richness of Switchcraft’s stories and games attract players who love match 3 mechanics and invite them to dive into a virtual world full of characters to identify with. Switchcraft is based on Wooga’s long experience and successful history in creating games with a rich narrative, such as June’s Journey.

The magical theme that appears throughout the Switchcraft game, adds dynamics and unexpected elements to the story and takes the players on a journey of exploration and discovery, choosing paths that change according to the plot development. The game has adopted an artistic and innovative graphic style, and throughout it the stories of characters from a wide range of peoples, genders and people with disabilities are combined, headed by a strong female character. The variety of characters is a unique element compared to other Match 3 games.

From the game (Photo: Wooga, Switchcraft key Art)

“Wooga has been working on Switchcraft for a number of years, but the team’s ability to prepare the game for launch in the last year and a half, in extremely challenging circumstances, is no less amazing in our opinion,” explained Nai Chang, who heads Wooga Studio, “I thank all the employees This and allowed us to take the next step in our journey to bring joy and enjoyment at work and in the game. “

As mentioned, Wooga’s specialization in storytelling will enable the expansion of the Match 3 population, which will be added to Playtica’s active monthly user base, which numbers 36 million players worldwide.

Robert Antcol, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Playtica explained that “The global launch of Switchcraft adds strength to the impressive year we did at Playtica, a year that began with the company’s IPO in January. Wooga is a unique studio characterized by a high level of artistic expertise in the games it develops, this achievement is “An important milestone for him. The launch of the game is a significant move for Playtica, and it is part of our strategic focus on developing new games.”

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