A tortoise with two heads and six legs: “Each side controls three legs”

Another animal born with a double head and also with two stomachs – a diamond turpentine turtle. The rare reptile was recently born in the west in Ernestable, Massachusetts, and has no less than six legs. After hatching it was transferred to the Wildlife Center in Birds Cape in the country.

The aforementioned turtle has two digestive systems and is equipped with six legs, with each head basically controlling half a body and three legs. His special condition of course makes him threatened by predators and fortunately he is not currently in the wild. At the wildlife center, which he visited about two weeks ago, he is treated and fed with worms and various food supplements, and later tests will be performed on whether he can be returned to nature.

“This is an abnormal phenomenon that can occur due to genetic and environmental factors that affect the fetus during development,” read the Facebook page of the Wildlife Center. “It’s like Siamese twins sharing their bodies.” The center calmed down and said the turtle was feeling well and both sides of it were alert and active. Although many times animals with two heads fail to survive, his condition makes us optimistic. ”

The Wildlife Center added details about the medical condition: “They eat well, swim and gain weight every day. We can not get into their heads but they seem to work well together and manage to navigate well. They will soon have a deep water swimming test to see if they can rise. Above the water together. ”

Diamond Turpin is the only turtle of its kind that lives only in swamps, shallow rivers and also in salt water – this is in contrast to most turtles which are not suitable for both salt water and fresh water. It lives mainly along the southern and eastern United States and the males reach 13 inches while the females can reach as high as 19 cm. Their weight is also low and reaches 500 grams. Diamond figures.

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