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On Wednesday, November 30, the website, which has millions of registered users and offers a vast selection of pirated materials, will go down. All the contents in the cloud will also be wiped from the servers. is a website that was established in 2005 and was acquired by the Swedish company Cyando AG in 2012. It allows users to upload and download files, and it once competed with Megaupload, another unofficial material distribution channel that was shut down in 2012.

Similar to Google Drive and other services of this kind, this website offers a membership service and a variety of cloud storage plans for these files.

Due to the abundance of pirated files and reproductions of original papers that violate copyright or “copyright,” this website has been targeted by law enforcement since it first launched.

As you may be aware, Cyando has decided to discontinue this service, which will no longer be supported as of this Wednesday, November 30. This decision was made after TorrentFreak gained access to emails sent by Cyando to its users.

From this media, they emphasize that the primary website of has been displayed recently as usual and that its demise has never been mentioned. They have found that a few of their payment gateways are no longer functional, nevertheless.

The site, for its part, would have urged users to create backup copies of their content because they would initially be unavailable starting on this day, November 30. Since it has only hinted at the fact that “the situation is such that it has to be shuttered,” has not explained why it would cease operations.

It should be noted that this website is currently embroiled in a number of legal proceedings since, according to the cited medium, it has been having issues with the copyright holders of the files it collects for at least eight years.

After receiving multiple requests to remove these files, the Regional Court of Hamburg (Germany) decided in 2014 that had not removed copyright-protected information. The publisher Elsevier had filed a lawsuit against Cyando just a year before for distributing copies of books starting in 2013.

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