how to activate the golden New Years logo

As of December 31, a trick that allows you to customize the icon of WhatsApp and put it in tune with the celebration of New Year 2022 began to circulate on social media. As it happened days ago with the “Christmas mode”, now anyone who uses the messaging platform can get in tune with the holidays and activate the golden logo, a classic.

In order to modify the icon and give the messenger a different look, you must download Nova Launcher, which is available exclusively in the Google Play Store (Android cell phones) and allows you to change the icons that the applications bring by default.

When installing the app and accepting the terms and conditions, Nova Launcher will request to configure some elements such as the subject of your preference. There you can choose the color of the phone’s theme (light, dark or automatic) and the arrangement of the icons on the screen.

It should be noted that Nova Launcher is an application external to the Meta universe (ex Facebook, WhatsApp parent company) and is not available for Apple iPhone cell phones.

How to activate the golden logo of WhatsApp 2022

Nova Launcher, available exclusively on the Play Store.

  • Find the image of the WhatsApp icon in gold and download it.
  • Press the application logo for a couple of seconds. You will get a pencil in the floating window.
  • Press the pencil and go to “applications”, then to “photos” and click on the WhatsApp icon that you have already downloaded.
  • The WhatsApp image must be in PNG format.
  • Press the “ready” option and the magic will be done.

WhatsApp does not recommend downloading third-party software.

What does the golden color mean in the WhatsApp logo

Just as red and green are the traditional colors for Christmas, gold symbolizes the abundance and good luck, so the messaging application was inclined towards this novelty to set its users and make them feel that feeling and thus start the year in the best possible way and with the best wishes.

How to schedule New Year’s greetings on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the most used messaging app. Photo: EFE WhatsApp, the most used messaging app. Photo: EFE

Greetings for New Years after midnight are a classic of every December 31st. Although what happened years ago no longer happens, when sending an SMS or calling to say hello was an impossible task, now there is a way to schedule messages on WhatsApp.

It is worth clarifying, whenever a third-party application is installed (that is, not officially developed by the company), it must be verified that it has good scores on Google Play so as not to fall prey to phishing or malware. What some like do Wasabi It is to pretend that we are sending the message ourselves, but at a selected time.

As an example, you can take this application because it is simple and does not require registration. What it does ask is that we give it certain permissions. The application guides you through the process of setting these permissions. It is necessary to give authorization to overlap on top of other apps, accessibility permission and permission to access your contacts.

The permission to overlay on other apps is used to display a floating toolbar on top of WhatsApp, while the accessibility permission is required for the app to work. Access to contacts is required to be able to program messages from the application itself.

In the floating taskbar added by the application, you can program the message: by choosing the option “Schedule Message” the composition screen for a new message opens. There you have to choose a contact from the list and write the message you want to send in the box below. Just below you can choose a specific date and time at which you want to send the message.

There are two options for the message to be sent: fully automatic or as a notification. If left checked “Ask me before sending message”, a notification is received at the exact time to send the message or not. If unchecked, it is sent without confirmation. Which is precisely what you want to do when you want to program a Christmas greeting.

There is a detail: the application needs the phone to be unlocked when sending the notificationso it may be more practical to remove PIN, pattern, fingerprint, or face protection to make it work properly.

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