Fortnite update, Billie Eilish arrives and aggressive emotes disappear

Epic Games has launched an update for Fortnite (29.30) which introduces a new setting useful for filtering some emotes considered “aggressive”. With the v29.30 update, scheduled for Tuesday, players will have the ability to choose not to see certain emotes, such as “Laugh It Up,” “Take the L,” “Whipcrack,” and “Make it Plantain.” The emotes in question, while not completely hidden, will be displayed as still images. Players performing these will not dance or any music will be played. You can configure the setting so that these emotes are only visible if performed by friends, or hide them completely.

While Fortnite has hundreds of different emotes, this group of four has sparked controversy for how and when they are used. Emotes like “Laugh it Up” and “Take the L” are often employed after eliminating an opponent or winning a match, and over the years many players have expressed concerns about the use of these emotes, considering them toxic and confrontational.

Another important new feature with the update is a new chapter for the Fortnite Festival, full of content related to music star Billie Eilish. It will be possible to obtain an exclusive Eilish skin in the game’s item shop, with a special style that can only be unlocked through the Festival Pass. In addition, the game will be enriched with various pieces of music from her discography, including: Bad Guy, Therefore I Am, All The Good Girls Go To Hell, Happier Than Ever and Oxytocin.

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