Radicals in Novi Sad unfurled a banner against the EU as a sign of support for Russia

Today, members of the City Committee of the Serbian Radical Party in Novi Sad unfurled a banner on the Varadin bridge that reads “EU go home, Serbia Russia that is our union” in English as a sign protest over the organization of the “Exit” festival.

As announced by that party, the president of the SRS City Committee, Djuradj Jakšić, said that that party has always opposed holding the “Exit” at the Petrovaradin Fortress because, as he assessed, “it is a political and extremely anti-Serb manifestation.”

He added that the citizens of Novi Sad can only hear anti-Serb messages from the “Exit” festival, such as “a minute of silence for some kind of fictional genocide in Srebrenica”.

“For this year, the performance of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group ‘Kalush’ has been announced, which, with constant Nazi salutes and slogans, is on a tour collecting money that finances the Ukrainian army, as well as paramilitary neo-Nazi organizations that have been terrorizing the Russian people in the Donbass for years. It is scandalous that these types of events are financed from the budget,” said Jakšić.

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