They found dead with two shots to the head a former Vice Minister of Security and former anti-drug prosecutor of Paraguay

Javier Ibarra was discovered inside of his house in San Lorenzo. They look into a homicide but don’t rule anything out.

According to local police, Javier Ibarra, a former narcotics prosecutor and vice minister of security, was found dead this past Friday at his house in San Lorenzo with two gunshot wounds to the head.

At a press conference, Commissioner César Silguero, head of Homicide, stated, “The body of former minister Javier Ibarra was located in the kitchen of his home. We have no information on earlier complaints of threats.”

“Since we typically begin with the most dire scenario, at this point we are investigating it as a homicide before looking at other factors. One first mentions 22 caliber or comparable ammunition. The guns were somewhere else, and he was in the kitchen. No evidence of lock picking is present, he added.

Gerardo Mosquera, the case’s prosecutor, said that nothing could be ruled out despite the evidence, including suicide: “We have no signs of disorder or violence.

Ibarra served as the Interior Ministry’s Vice Minister of Internal Security throughout the Horacio Cartes administration (2013-2018).

Ibarra had said that multiple crooks had him “in their crosshairs.”

In 2016, Ibarra reported that three police-owned weapons of war were taken from their vehicle by unidentified individuals. Additionally, he claimed that the former drug chief at the time had launched an effort to have him dismissed. After the incident, he quit and spent a few more years working for the prosecutor’s office.

He claimed to be “in the crosshairs” of several criminals after leaving office, but he refused to employ any further security.

In one of his final public remarks before leaving the Public Ministry to focus on his career as a criminal lawyer, Ibarra claimed in 2018 that there was a “great power battle for control of drug trafficking,” about which many people must be quite concerned.

A recent case involved a prosecutor from Paraguay who was killed, and there was a $5 million prize.

In Paraguay, the murder of narcotics prosecutor Marcelo Pecci in May while he was on vacation on a beach in Colombia’s Caribbean.

The event’s offenders were apprehended by the local police, and on November 17, the US government declared that it would pay up to $5,000,000 in exchange for information leading to the arrest of the crime’s organizers.

The five criminals—four of whom entered guilty pleas—were given a 23 and a half-year prison term by the Colombian justice system.

Pecci, a 45-year-old prosecutor who specialized in money laundering and drug trafficking, was shot on May 10 while on vacation with his wife, journalist Claudia Aguilera. They were on the island of Bar, close to Cartagena. Hitmen who arrived on a jet ski carried out the assault.

The perpetrators of the homicide, for which the attackers got around $530,000, were not named by the authorities.

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