A former Serbian football player was arrested for smuggling cocaine

Dušan Petković was arrested in Amsterdam in a major international operation by the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime of Serbia, the BIA, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the competent public prosecutor’s offices of Belgium and the Netherlands, Europol and Eurojust, reports Telegraf.

He was arrested as a member of OKG Vračarci along with 7 other people, and the police confiscated 115 kilograms of cocaine. Serbian police are still looking for other members of the infamous group.

It is suspected that members of this organized criminal group from South America organized the transport of a large amount of narcotic drugs to the port of Rotterdam and further transport to the Belgian city of Arlon, where a total of 115 kilograms of the drug was seized.

The criminal group registered a company that was engaged in the resale of concrete slabs, first bought such slabs from a company in Luxembourg, and then replaced those slabs with concrete slabs made in a hangar in the Belgian city of Arlon, in which they hid packages of cocaine.

During the police intervention in Belgium, a total of 22 plates were found, each of which contained three packages of cocaine weighing 1120 grams each.

Dušan Petković is a former soccer player who played in European clubs until 2007. In 2006, he was invited to play for Serbia at the world championship, but due to numerous criticisms, he did not play. Namely, at that time the coach of the national team was his father Ilija Petković, so it was suspected that Dušan was invited to the World Cup for that reason.

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