The pro-Russian authorities speak of an “attack” after an explosion in Melitópol that leaves an agent injured

The president of the We Are Together with Russia movement, Vladimir Rogov, described this Thursday as a “terrorist attack” the explosion of a device registered in the city of Melitopol, which is under the control of Russian forces, and which has left an agent of wounded policeman

Rogov, who has warned that it is an act that, “with the help of the Ukrainian side, seeks to intimidate local residents and destabilize the situation” in the Zaporizhia region, has indicated that the explosion was carried out with an improvised device.

Thus, he has indicated in his Telegram account that the explosion occurred next to a fire station and has confirmed that one person has been injured and has been transferred to a hospital in the area.

In this sense, it has specified that the device had a kilo of TNT. “This is definitely a terrorist attack. A policeman has been injured,” he said before stating that he suffered serious leg injuries. “He is stable receiving all possible medical attention,” he has maintained.

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