The Lavi plane is grounded in Israel, but its “Chinese brother” will soon be flying in Pakistan

The interior minister of the Muslim country has revealed that his country has purchased the J10 Squadron, the Chinese fighter jet which according to foreign sources is based on the plans of the canceled Israeli fighter jet. Objective: An arms race with India.

After years of reports of negotiations between the two countries on the subject, Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad revealed this week that his country has purchased a squadron of the Chinese fighter jet J10. March 23.

J10 is manufactured by Chengdu Industries of Sichuan Province, and reveals a great deal of external resemblance to the Lavi aircraft developed by IAI and its specifications: a single-engine aircraft with Kenard wings. The Israeli plane took off for its debut flight in 1986, and was canceled by the Israeli government a year later due to the rising costs of the project and the US administration’s refusal to pay for it. According to foreign sources, after the cancellation, Israel sold to China the plans to manufacture the plane, which took off for its debut flight in the new identity in 1997.

Since then, China has produced nearly 500 J10s, including a version for use in aircraft carriers. Pakistan will receive 25 Model C aircraft, with an advanced radar and a Chinese engine that replaced the Russian engine installed on the first aircraft, and required Moscow’s approval for any export transaction.

The Pakistan Air Force is equipped with fighter jets from various sources, such as F-16 American, Mirage 3 and 5 French and 17-JF Chinese-Pakistani. The US administration imposed an embargo on Islamabad that prevented it from receiving another 16. The acquisition of the J10 aircraft is a response to the acquisition of 36 advanced French Rafael aircraft by India. The two countries are a pair of enemies who have been running an arms race for years, and fire incidents break out between them every few years. Israel is one of the main arms suppliers of the Indians. In the next confrontation between them, Indian planes may launch Israeli missiles at the former Israeli fighter jet.

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