The Ristori dl arrives on the CDM with the allocation of one billion euros and the intervention on expensive bills

Today in the Council of Ministers, which should be held in the afternoon, the refreshment dl and the intervention on the expensive bills arrive. Approximately one billion should be allocated for the refreshment points, while a long-term cut plan is being studied to deal with the expensive bills, which would reach around ten billion in the long term.

This is a substantial intervention, government sources report. But in the measure, according to reports, at the moment intervention on the extra-profits of energy companies would remain out.

In addition, the signature of Prime Minister Draghi should arrive at the Dpcm to detail the exercises in which the green pass will not be necessary. Confirmed that the health passport will not be necessary, among other things, for supermarkets, pharmacies, parapharmacies and petrol stations. It will be, however, for tobacconists.

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