POKS: Milos Jovanovic is the most educated figure who has run for president of Serbia since 1945
The faction of the Movement for the Renewal of the Kingdom of Serbia (POKS), led by Vojislav Mihailovic, called on citizens to vote for the candidate of the coalition of POKS and the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), Milos Jovanovic, in the presidential elections announced for April 3.Stating that in relation to other candidates, Jovanović is “without competition” in terms of biography and education, the vice president of POKS, Dušan Radosavljević, estimated that Serbia should have a president whom, as he said, he will be proud of in the world.

“Milos Jovanovic received his doctorate from the Sorbonne, a polyglot, without any affair in his career, a former member of the 63rd Parachute Brigade. He is the most educated figure who ran for president of Serbia after the Second World War,” Radosavljevic said at a press conference at POKS. in Belgrade.

Speaking about the election campaign, Radosavljevic estimated that the “focus of all events” will be on the presidential elections and that the NADA coalition, which together with POKS and DSS consists of more than 20 citizens’ associations, will focus on the field campaign and contact with citizens.

“The regime and their satellites are supported by two million citizens, and what about the four million disappointed ones, those who are leaving Serbia? Ask for a biography, for education, for everything he has done, Milos Jovanovic has no competition,” said Radosavljevic. .

He announced that on January 29, in Belgrade, POKS will present the program for the elections in the capital and Vojislav Mihailović as a candidate for mayor.

“Mihailović has an impressive biography, he was the mayor of Belgrade in wartime conditions. The experience he has is valuable,” said Radosavljević.

He rejected as incorrect the allegations of the former president of POKS, Zika Gojkovic, that the faction around Mihailovic was behind the insults directed at the journalists of H1 television.

“It is a kind of false representation. We are a serious party that knows how to communicate with journalists. It has nothing to do with us,” Radosavljevic added.

During yesterday’s press conference, Gojković answered questions from N1 journalists, and then a photo from that event was published on the Instagram profile of the POKS youth, with a comment in which the journalists of that media were called “Ustashas”.

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