Ukraine offers amnesty and five million rubles to Russian soldiers who lay down weapons

Russia’s servicemen have been provided a way out by Ukraine’s military minister. Those who surrender their firearms voluntarily will be granted amnesty and compensation. This is something he mentions on social media.

“I make a request of Russian soldiers and officers. You were transported to our country with the intent of killing and dying. You can save yourself if you don’t want to be a killer and die “Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, posted on social media.

“Do not obey unlawful demands from people who have been lying to you about Ukraine and Ukrainians for years. If you voluntarily lay down your arms, we will grant you full amnesty and financial compensation “He penned something. He offers a five-million-ruble remuneration (about 43,000 euros). Ukraine is presently working on establishing a fund to cover these costs.

“You have the opportunity to begin a new life. Make a decision. Leave with a white flag and no weapons. “Million” is the code word. Have a good time. Give your loved ones a hug. There will be no mercy for those who continue to act like occupiers.

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