“Mistake in identification”: Roman Brodowski is the Israeli who was killed in Kiev

Bad news: The Foreign Ministry announced tonight (Monday) that an Israeli citizen was killed while taking part in a convoy that tried to flee Ukraine. It is still unclear under what circumstances he was shot to death, and by whom. The victim, Roman Brodowski, 37, is married and has children. The Foreign Ministry said: “The director of the Department of Israelis Abroad spoke with his wife, who is currently in Ukraine with the deceased’s children. His parents, who live in Israel, received the difficult message. “

As mentioned, Brodowski is the first Israeli killed in the war, since it began last Thursday. The fighting is accompanied by conflicting reports from both sides, which makes the final number of casualties unclear. According to estimates by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, so far more than 350 people, including children, have been killed and about 1,600 injured, including more than 100 children.

Roman’s father said that “they wanted to drive in the direction of Moldova, he was driving in the first car. At the checkpoint the Russian soldiers thought he was a Chechen and killed him. I think it was by mistake, but exactly I do not know, that’s what I was told. Do not know That’s exactly what happened. “

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